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Today a new shortcourse truck is announced by Team Losi Racing based on it's 2.0 successor, the TEN SCTE 3.0.Some refinements off previous buggy releases are now also present in the shortcourse edition such as the variable centre diff angle. Hereby all the specs of this car!
Since the announcement of the TLR 5th scale buggy we've received lots of questions regarding the extra setup and tuning options in this car compared with the 5ive-T. Multiple tuning options that will give the car a better handling. Adjustments where all the 10th and 8th scale drivers are a...
Guys it is here, a 5th scale 2-stroke buggy that will change the competition! The width is slightly smaller than the Losi 5ive-T and meet the official regulations for largescale competition! This is the car we are waiting for such a long time and we can't wait to have one in...
Today it is time for the next level of 4wd off-road competition driving in 10th scale. TLR announced their new 22-4 version 2.0. Multiple battery configurations, gear differentials and a better geometry must result in better laptimes. TLR even includes the most wanted update parts in the box so it i...
Well look what we have here, it is a real Baja in 10th scale by Losi! This is a complete new design with a very long travel and independent shocks, four link live rear axle to beat the terrain with ease! This will be a new standard in 10th scale off-road racing. Available in 2 color schemes thi...


Horizon Hobby is the company behind the Losi brand and product line. They are delivering all the best RC products worldwide to all hobbyists and professionals. Horizon has also great products for flying, boats and all kind of surface products. They deliver the whole package for RC addicts!

Please visit Horizon Hobby's website for more information and their product line: Horizon Hobby

Partner in: 1:8 and 1:5 scale

Horizon Hobby  


Team Losi Racing is taking the Losi cars to their limits. Competition drivers appreciate the presence of TLR because of their development. Mostly active in the 1/10th and 1/8th scale but also for the 5ive-T they developed a tuning kit so your car can be TLR certified and ready for almost every challenge!

Please visit their website for more information: Team Losi Racing

Partner in: 1:8 and 1:5 scale

Team Losi Racing  


MIP isn't a newby for the RC drivers worldwide, but they are a new come in the world of largescale. MIP has a goal to make the Losi 5ive-T more durable so it can resist the greatest challenges on the hardest tracks. Please follow these guys because they are developing great parts which will be available soon!

Please visit their website for more information and their product line: MIP

Partner in: 1:5 scale




RN Tuning is one of the best engine tuners in our opinion. They not only tune engines for general usage but they have also a special Losi engine available because of the heavy weight. For us the RN-GP305 GT engine is our #1 choice. But they have much more interesting parts in their assortment!

Please visit their website for more information and their product line: RN Tuning

Partner in: 1:5 scale

RN Tuning  


Innovation and revolution. That are the keywords for N-R-P. The 2014 European Champions are all driving their products! Their knowledge of largescale off road driving on the heighest level brings you the best parts. Such as a buggy conversion and the best parts to make your Losi more durable and faster!

Please visit their website for more information and their product line: N-R-P

Partner in: 1:5 scale



As a manufacturer for 2-stroke clutch systems almost every driver is familiair with Tourex. Not only in largescale they are active, also delivering the best tuning parts for smaller scales is their purpose. And last but not least, they make the best tools which you need to have in your toolbox!

Please visit Tourex for more information and their product line: Tourex

Partner in: 1:5 scale

Tourex Competition   


GRP Tyres is an Italian manufacturer for high quality wheels and tires. For almost every type of car they deliver the tires you need. For the Losi 6ix for example they are having the best on-road tires which are able to handle the speeds of this car. We are using their off-road tyre line. We choose GRP because their products are very durable, lightweight and available in lots of different compounds. So for every surface GRP is your friend!

Please visit GRP for more information and their product line: GRP Tyres

Partner in: 1:5 scale

GRP Tyres  

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