2ND Devils Cup race at the Hell of Holten

2ND Devils Cup race at the Hell of Holten

Today it was big fun during the 2nd round of the Devils Cup 2015 organized by Main Meetings Raalte. MMR introduced some new regulations including a stop and go penalty system and this resulted in better driving. First priority is to have maximum pleasure and that was plenty available today.

The top10 was really close at the overall ranking and this makes these days much more exciting! Fantastic to see the progression of all drivers are going through and a big compliment for all attendees today!

Top3 today:
1. Erik de Koning
2. Rinus Visser
3. Ralf van Hattum

Thanks to Main Meetings Raalte for the good organization as always!!!

Track layout this day:


Personal note from our Crew Rider Ralf:
Today i was driving a real shortcourse since a long time. We spend many hours in the design of the new body and it get a lot of attention. On the track this color scheme is great and much more easy to follow as my previous black / red body.

First heat was fine. Of course i was driving as clean as possible because of the new body. But after some rounds the car felt more and more comfortable and set some good round times on the scoring board. Had some issues with the maximum steering travel because i had to change my setup completely earlier from a single servo to dual. A good test before the race could prevent these issues... The 2nd heat was really bad due to some mechanical issues on the steering. After some research we found the problem and was easy to solve.

The Main Final was really great. Had some great competition with Rinus and Erik the first couple of minutes. I was able to speed up and found a really good driving line which resulted in winning the final with one round ahead of 2nd and 3rd. Good progress today and the 3rd place was the maximum i could achieve.

Ranking after 2 rounds Devils Cup 2015:

Next race 25-4-2015

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