​Team Losi Racing just released a brand new TLR 8ight-E 4.0 electric buggy. The kit includes the best updates which are also available on the new 4.0 nitro kit such as bleeder caps, booted drive shafts and dogbones, adjustable spindle height and so on. The major improvement? Variable engine positioning and different battery positions!


Variable Motor and center differential angles:
Two different center plates for the bottom of the chassis are included. The stock center plate puts the motor and differential directly in line with the chassis. The optional center plate rotates the motor and differential 4.4 degrees, creating equal angles between the front-center and rear-center dog bones. This provides more balanced power to the front and rear of the car under acceleration.

Variable battery and ESC locations:
The chassis offers two locations for the battery and ESC. With the battery in the forward location and the ESC in the rear of the car, the vehicle has more forward weight bias which improves stability on high-speed tracks. Moving the ESC forward and the battery to the rear mounting location provides a rear weight bias that increases corner speed and makes handling more agile.

Larger bearings in spindles:
Front spindles and rear hubs have been revised to accept a larger 8 x 16 x 5 outer bearing for increased durability. This is the same refinement as in the 4.0 nitro version.

Adjustable Caster blocks:
The adjustable, 15-degree caster blocks make it possible to tune dog bone plunge by changing the height of the spindle. This is the same refinement as in the 4.0 nitro version.

Shocks now included bleeder caps:
The new bleeder shock caps and internal seals allow for easier rebuilds while using an emulsion shock setup. New bushings that press into the shock cap further improve durability. This is the same refinement as in the 4.0 nitro version.

Booted drive shafts:
Molded rubber boots on the CVA s increase U- joint life by holding lubrication in and keeping dirt out. This is the same refinement as in the 4.0 nitro version.

Wider Chassis:
Just like the nitro version the 4.0 has now a wider chassis. This because of the variable positioning of the differential and engine. But it gives the car also more stability which improves the overall handling.

Now the kits includes the very popular Cab Forward body which was an upgrade body in the 3.0 kit. Be Aware, since the chassis is wider compared with the 3.0 you old bodies doesn't fit on the 4.0. The scheme on the commercial pictures is from TLR Driver Philip Atondo. But of course the kit includes a transparant body so you are able to paint your body by your own wishes.

Differential repositioning

As said this new electric buggy allows you to reposition the differential. Since the motor is fixed on the diff mounts this will rotates to and this is why the chassis is wider than the previous 3.0. The possibility to rotate the diff is pretty awesome and is designed to vary the dogbone angle.

The angle of the differential can be 0° or 4.4°. With 0° the drivetrain gets the same angle as on the 3.0 and has the negative that the power generated by the engine isn't separated equally between the front and rear side of the buggy. This because the rear driveshaft has a less angle than the front and made it easier to transfer the power to the rear side.

Next video shows you the different angles and movement of the differential, motor and driveshafts.

When replacing the bottom plate insert you are able to set the differential into a 4.4° angle. When doing this both of the driveshafts are getting the same angle so there is a much equal amount of power transferred through the car. This better balance is given you a better 4WD experience. We have already experienced this on the 4.0 nitro buggy and it is really given you a better handling of the car. On the other side the 0° position is given the car more steering so when you are driving a track with narrow corners you probably want this position.

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