Building the new MIP Big Bore Bypass1™ Shocks

Building the new MIP Big Bore Bypass1™ Shocks

Okay we have picked up a very nice and exclusive box from MIP Products. The brand new 1/5th Scale, 32mm Big Bore Bypass1™ Shock Kit for Losi 5ive-T with order number #14370. Hereby our first thoughts about the product and how we build these badass shocks.


The Box

When you are getting your hands on the box for the first time you will be flabbergasted about it’s size. The shocks are really big and all parts are nicely packed separately. The manual which is also in the box is very understandable. When you are reading the manual without unpacking the parts you will miss some crucial materials but no stress, they are included inside the shock bodies. The white and orange springs are beautiful. Not the shiney springs as the standard Losi but matte which will be a completely new experience for your eyes.


And of course there are some very nice MIP decal sheets so you can decorate your body to show your friends that you are having the best shocks inside your truck!

You need OEM products!

The box is not a complete shock set for your Losi 5T truck! You will need to disassemble your standard shocks and reuse some parts. Is this a failure by MIP? No we don’t think so. The box is already highly priced and those parts would make the price even higher. And most of the competition drivers have already the OEM parts in stock so we think it’s the right choice by MIP to not develop a complete shock.

There is one thing that can be an issue. The first batch of 5T trucks had a different version of the shock shaft as they deliver now. The new version is having a nut to secure the piston. The first batch had only a screw and this makes the design of the shaft completely different (see picture below). The MIP shock parts are designed for use in combination with the new shaft. We doubt if you can use these MIP parts in combination with the old version of the shafts...


Building the shocks

The building proces is really straight forward when you are familiar with assembling the standard Losi shocks. Carefully read the manual and pay attention at some points but there is nothing you can do wrong. MIP do advice to use the Losi 40wt shock oil and the manual have a great detailed explanation how to fill the shock body and how to get the air out of the oil before screw the cap on the body. We are using oil from MedialPro and you’ll need to convert WT into CPS values. For now we have chosen oil with viscosity value CPS 550. We think it’s a good start and we will see next race if this choice is correctly.

It is a bit of a challenge to tighten the caps on the shock bodies. With the standard Losi bodies you are able to tighten the cap by using your wheel wrench but with the MIP shock bodies you can't. We have chosen to use a plier, but be sure to use a towel also to not damage the bodies. It is really important to fasten the caps very tight, otherwise you are loosen the caps again when you are setting up the ride height with the adjustment nut.

After the shocks are ready you only have left a set of springs, some valves (shims) and 1 piston. MIP didn’t deliver you some spare parts and we think this could be a problem. For example, one of the last steps in the building proces is to close the shock cap with a tiny washer and screw. The cap is already oiled during the build proces and we all know that a screw in a oiled environment can come loose. When this is the case you don’t have spare parts to get back on track with a fully closed shock. Some extra parts didn’t cost much and is crucial when you are a competition driver. They also used US sized button head screws and this can be an issue with european drivers because they are not all having US sized hex drivers in their toolboxes.


But bottomline these shocks are really great. The heavy truck acts different and we are so damn curious how this result on it's handling. They not only looks great, they have to perform very well on the heavy tracks we are using in the Netherlands.

Last Words

When MIP launched these shocks there were a lot of discussions on Social Media about this product. Most of the discussion were critical and all about the highly priced box where you still need some OEM parts to complete the shock. Are those judgements correct? No, honestly we don’t think so. Yes this box is expensive and yes you need OEM parts but these shocks are really build and developed to give you the maximum suspension experience on the track. Your Losi deserves these shocks!

The MIP Team has already driven races with these shocks and proofed that they work much better than the original ones. The big difference is that the standard shocks can’t handle big jumps and holes because all the oil needs to get through the small holes in the piston. At some point the standard shocks are stopped working because it has no time enough to get the oil through the piston holes. The bypass system from MIP solves this issue and the shocks can even work when your truck have to perform in really hard conditions such as jumps and holes.


Soon we will drive the first competition race with these shocks and of course we will complete this review with our thoughts about it’s performance. 

So stay tuned!

Product images by MIP:

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