Champ Erik de Koning about MIP Shocks

Champ Erik de Koning about MIP Shocks

Erik de Koning was yesterday's top notch driver. Drove to the highest spot on the podium with ease. We have seen why, hereby his reaction:

When in heat 3 my shockend was broken i mounted my spare Rezzie's on my car for the upcoming final. Then i thought: Ralf is disabled by some Savox troubles so isn't using his new MIP shocks so let's ask him to give them a go. Ralf said yes, and I was a little surprised because i am his direct rival in the competition. But we all help each other to find the best setup and have no secrets for each other. I was a little sceptic about the shocks, will they work or ..............

I was qualified third in the final, after an Elcon Imp4ct and a FG Competition 4WD. When the buzzer sounded it was full throttle and my luck, first and second place decided to cuddle in the first corner so i could go around them (and the track marshall) and was driving first with a clear track before me. After two laps i noticed that the car didn't have troubles with the bumps and holes that much like in heat 3, confident i was on my way to victory and drove at least one lap more than everyone else. On the biggest holes it was still smart to go around because they where like 1,3 feet deep and even with the mip shocks my car came almost to a standstill but the lesser bumps and holes on other parts of the track i drove right thru them if they where not even there. (in heat 3, without the MIP shocks, I couldn't go full throttle over them).

So thanks Ralf for lending me the Mip shocks. Curse you because now I got to have them even if they are that expensive. But these shocks has really helped me to win this important final. I hope this will be the last shocks i will every buy and important: that they will last for a long time. Time will tell.

Hereby the video from the final:

I am the losi 5ive with the red "buggy" style body and front headlights. Very proud of this win because my car is like 10 pounds heavier than the rest.

Thanks to Ralf van Hattum for the shocks and Rinus Visser from RN Tuning for the RN-GP 305 GTR engine which starts everytime within 2 pulls and gives me the edge.

Racing Report from 3rd Round Dutch Losi 5T Cup
EFRA Legal Losi 5ive Buggy

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