First impression Losi 5ive Mini WRC RTR

First impression Losi 5ive Mini WRC RTR

The Losi 5ive Mini WRC RTR has arrived Losi Bigscale Nederland HQ! Since yesterday the newest 1/5 scale familiy member is delivered again to all customers who ordered this huge RC car.

The box

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The box is huge guys! Those who bought a Losi 5ive-T are familiar with the box. The dimension of this box is not any different. The full colored box is great and displayed all the special features of this car. When you open the box the fun starts. Nicely packed, such as all other products of Losi. This isn't different and the Mini still in foil is waiting for you!

First Impression

First off all this car is really big. The 5ive-T is big but this body is massive and has some great details. When the body is off (don't forget the screws in the bottom to unlock the body) there is not much differences with the 5ive-T. The setup is the same with some differences. For example the 29cc Dynamite engine and in the battery box a Lipo. That's way better than a NimH and a good choice from Losi to power this thing with such a battery. To give you the best experience this car has AVC, Active Vehicle Control. This means that the receiver (Spektrum SRS4200) is able to take control of your car such as a gyro. Great for drivers who didn't have much experience to drive such a big and heavy car. To complete the AVC there is also a Spektrum DX2E transmitter in the box.

We will soon drive this Mini and will share our thoughts with you. For now, this car has blown us away regarding the build quality and looks. Now it's time for some engine break-in runs :-)

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Latest news about the Mini body and paint issues!

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