Get the smoothest and most durable Losi with TSL Lubricant

Get the smoothest and most durable Losi with TSL Lubricant

Keeping your RC car in top condition is very important. Not only for racers it makes a huge difference but also for the bashers it is necessary. Really frustrating when you start your engine for a drive and something isn’t working as it should be. That’s why we are using TSL synthetic lubricant!

TSL is not a very known product in the world of RC. It is used by factories where they need to have their machines performing at it’s maximum, 24x7. One of the characteristics of TSL is that moving parts can work under less resistance and high pressure. That is also the reason why mechanics are puttings lots of TSL in wind turbines. One other benefit of this oil is that it's repulsive for any kind of dirt. That sounds great but why is this used in a bigscale Losi?

One of the main applications of this lubricant is in ballbearings. Before we install a bearing we clean them with brake cleaner and a compressor, also the new ones. Normally used grease in ball bearings is given you the negative effect to let the bearings runs less smooth and attracts dirt. Under extreme conditions and heat grease isn’t able to protect the ballbearings. TSL let the ballbearing roll so smooth and without any friction, you have to see it to convince yourself. We are using this lubricant in all bearings and we have never experienced a damaged bearing anymore. They even runs like new after a couple of racing days on a dirttrack!

One other benefit of this magic oil is that it's able to protect all kinds of materials for wear such as aluminium and metals. That's great, those materials are plenty used in a Losi! We love the TSL Super Pen to put some oil on the driveshafts and in aluminium differentials. Just a droplet is enough to protect your expensive and important parts. One of the parts that gets a lot of wear is the driveshaft from center diff to front, all Losi drivers are familiar with that phenomenon. Just put a droplet of this oil on it and let it stay for a few days. The lubricant is working hard during that time to create a protective film on the metals. The result is that these parts are so much more durable than without TSL.

In this movie the manufacturer is given a demonstration of TSL. As you can see the materials can handle much more pressure under less resistance:

Are there more applications with TSL? Yes it is! During the break in period of a new engine we put some TSL oil in the tank. 2ml of this oil is enough to get the protective film in a new engine. This procedure is done in the first 3 tanks. We have investigate some engines with and without TSL and the ones where the oil was used were almost brand new after 5 liters of runtime!

This is one of those unknown products which we can highly advise to all Losi drivers. It is also one of the favorite lubricants of the Dakar Rally teams so why shouldn’t it work in a Losi!

More information about these lubricants: TSL Lubricant at RN Tuning

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