Look behind & Fantasy forward

Look behind & Fantasy forward

In 2014 we started also Dutch Largescale Events in cooperation with RN Tuning Modelsport and NRP. Reason for this startup is to organize indoor and outdoor events for the Largescale driver. The Indoor edition last October was a big success and is getting a couple of followups in 2015!

Last year was also the first year of a Losi specific Cup which we initiated together with Main Meetings Raalte. The Dutch Losi 5T Cup was very populair and a lot of drivers has stepped into Largescale Racing. 2015 this Cup gets also a great followup and MMR takes the lead from now on. We have all the trust that those guys can make it even a bigger succes than it was in 2014. Of course we will cooperate with them to promote the Cup!

2014 was also the year we become part of RN Tuning RC Racing Team. For us that is a big step because we are part of a very innovative and competitive team. In 2015 our Team Member Nick Visser will drive the EFRA European Championships, with a LOSI! The car out of the box is much to big in size so there are so many innovations coming up to make this possible. NRP is in the lead to develop all those adjustments and this is a big step for all Losi 5T drivers worldwide which will become reality in 2015.

One of the main reason that Losi Bigscale Nederland is a big success is our cooperation with the best possible partners. This year we have some new agreements with companies which do only the best for the serious drivers. Our job is to test and promote their products and our followers appreciate that a lot. We have created a platform for drivers to find all related information to get the best out of their hobby and sport. These platforms are very rare in the world of Largescale. We proofed that you are able to communicate on almost a daily basis about largescale, that's only possible by cooperating with only the most innovative companies.

And 2015? Of course we are going to work hard to expand our public and bring the best information related to Losi and largescale in common. We want to thank our partners for a great 2014, we are looking forward to 2015!

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