EFRA Legal Losi 5ive Buggy

EFRA Legal Losi 5ive Buggy

The EFRA is the European Association which organizes official races, such as the European Championships Largescale Offroad. The handbook with regulations counts 168 pages in total! We have concentrated ourself on the 4WD Largescale Offroad section and investigated if a Losi can be part of the European Championships. The answer is YES!



The technical inspection during EFRA races is very strictly. Till now only a few 4WD largescale buggy’s can participate because of their dimensions. These cars are for example Elcon Imp4ct, MCD RR5 and Hormann HT3. But after we have done some conversion tricks the Losi 5T is also able to drive the Euro’s in Austria which will be raced in August 2015.

The most important thing are the dimensions of the buggy. Unfortunately there are no EFRA legal Shortcourse races yet so you stuck to a buggy. Not a problem because there are some buggy conversions on the market. The most simple conversion is from Grafil bodies and N-R-P. You don’t have to change much, just remove the bumpers and add the spoiler and front bumper. Within 10 minutes you have a buggy. But with the Losi 5ive-T it is still to wide. The EFRA regulations says that the maximum width of the car (with compressed suspension) is 480mm and the converted 5ive-T is wider. With MCD Buggy wheels the Losi buggy is still more than 490mm. But Losi recently launched the 5ive Mini WRC which is smaller and YES it is within the regulations when we are using the Grafil / N-R-P conversion!

Dimensions Losi Mini WRC with Buggy conversion:

Height: 265mm (with compressed suspension)
Width: 450mm (with compressed suspension)
Length: 820mm


Needed to complete

First you have to own the conversion set which includes:

  • Grafil Magma body
  • N-R-P spoiler mount
  • N-R-P spoiler
  • N-R-P front mount
  • Bumper (for example the FG)

This kit can be ordered directly by N-R-P: http://www.n-r-p.nl/contents/nl/d18_Buggy_conversion..html The complete set is € 189,95

When you own a Losi 5ive Mini WRC you are done now and your EFRA legal buggy is not far away from you! One note, the standard exhaust and air filter can’t be used under the hood. But most of the guys which are having these racing ambitions do already own a tuned exhaust and air filter (we think)…

Do you own a Losi 5ive-T? Also this car can be on track during EFRA races. The only thing you have to order are the following Losi OEM parts:

  • 4x LOS252000 F/R Driveshaft & CV Coupler
  • 1x LOS254000 Front suspension arms
  • 1x LOS254001 Rear suspension arms
  • 1x LOS254004 Turnbuckle set

Fehring Track Austria

Last words

We were happily surprised that it was so easy to get a car which can participate the European Championships. We have the 5ive Mini some time and also the buggy conversion. Never realized that combining those two together can be enough to have a buggy which fits the regulations perfectly.

We only have used this conversion on a standard 5ive-T (which has wider suspension arms) and it was given us so many pleasure on the track. With these new findings we have some new and very important possibilities!

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_grafil magma losi 5ive.png

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