Losi 5ive Setup Sheet

Losi 5ive Setup Sheet

Recently we have posted some basis lessons. These tutorials described the tuning essentials for your Losi 5ive truck. Now we all understand these basics it is important to administer your settings and setup choices. In the Losi 5T manual you will find a setup sheet on page 44. Why would you use a Setup Sheet?

1. Sheet overview

The setup sheet is divided in several parts. The front, rear, differentials, engine, clutch and tires have all their own segment. Reason by doing this is that all segments has different setup options and effects on car handling. The sheet is used on a racing day so you can experiment with the several tuning options and estimate the characteristics on the truck. All changes on the car are filled in on this sheet so you know the configuration of the vehicle exactly.

Afterwards you have several sheets which contains your preferred setup for that particular track and conditions. So when you go racing on that track later you are able to setup your vehicle before the fun begins.

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_losi 5ive setup sheet.png

For more detailed information about all the setup options we would like to invite you to read the lessons here.

2. Differences with original sheet

We have removed some items on this sheet. This because the original sheet has some fields which you can't adjust on a Losi 5ive-T or Losi 5ive Mini WRC. The removals are:

  • Caster
  • Toe-In at Rear Suspension
  • Anti-Squat

Toe-In at the backside of the truck can be adjusted but you have to buy some third party Hinge Pin Brace set.

3. Download

You can download a PDF file of the Setup Sheet here: http://losibigscale.com/download/losi_5ive_setup_sheet.pdf

Lesson 1: Camber
1ST Devils Cup race at the Hell of Holten

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