Losi Monster Truck XL, first thoughts and specs (LOS05009)

Losi Monster Truck XL, first thoughts and specs (LOS05009)

Today Losi has announced a new Largescale gas vehicle, the Monster Truck XL. We like 5th scale cars very much and Losi did already a phenomenal job with the 5ive-T, Mini WRC and DBXL. Now Losi is stepping into a completely new segment with this new addition and we are convinced that we are looking into a new rising star. In this article our first thoughts and of course the official specifications!

Back 2 the old days

Monster trucks are known as unstoppable vehicles. In the old days these models were very popular but the buggy's, truggy's and Shortcourse cars became more popular. Every RC enthousiast which are in the scene for some years are familiar with the FG Monster Trucks which are used all over the world. But as said, these days you don't see a lot of these cars anymore. We think the MTXL by Losi will change this.

Of course Traxxas has a Monster Truck in 6th scale which is a popular machine but who wants 2-stroke power and sound there isn't that much choice. It is great that Losi is able to announce a car which is targeted to a completely new group of RC Drivers.

Action shots!

Next level of Largescale

Next level sounds interesting because the MTXL is based on the already existing DBXL platform. But we think that this car is different. First of all this huge truck has an 29cc Dynamite 2-stroke engine out of the box, the DBXL has only 23cc. Losi will have decided this upgrade because of the different drivetrain design by it's huge wheels. We already have experienced this engine and it has lots of power and this car deserves the power to give the driver a huge amount of fun.

In second there is a completely new design for the steering servo's. The ones that are following our channel for some time knows that steering servo's are a challenge in such a big and heavy trucks. We tested different setup's in our 5ive-T's and one of the configurations was a double servo setup. Losi decided to do this also in this car and we are VERY curious how this will hold. Both servo's are linked to each other and to setup this is always hard to do. As seen on the pictures there is a special servo horn on the second servo to control the differences but again we can't wait to try this by ourselves.

And to control all the power this car is also using Active Vehicle Control (AVC) which is able to keep the car in a straight line when you are loosing control. This is a feature which is great for every driver which isn't that familiar to control a vehicle by a remote. For competition it isn't allowed, no problem because this car isn't intended to drive official races. But we thought this also with the 5T and in the time there are many associations which are having a Shortcourse class. Maybe Losi can do this again and introduce a Monster Truck class in the world of Largescale. So yes, it is a DBXL with bigger wheels but the upgrades and intentions are very interesting!

Detailed pictures


◼︎ Aluminium front spindles ◼︎ Powerful Dynamite 2-stroke pull-start 29CC petrol engine ◼︎ 4WD Drivetrain based on the DBXL ◼︎ AVC Equipped ◼︎ 2.4GHz Receiver with DSMR technology and DX2E transmitter ◼︎ Dual high torque large-scale high voltage steering servos ◼︎ Extended chassis and suspension arms ◼︎ Monster truck tyres and wheels ◼︎ Large bore threaded shocks ◼︎ Dual disc brake system ◼︎ Sealed viscous differentials ◼︎ Two body colour options ◼︎ Moulded engine cage and body supports ◼︎ Dynamite LiPo receiver pack ◼︎ Easy access on/off switch and wiring harness


Vehicle Type: Monster Truck
Completion Level: Ready-To-Run
Scale/Size: 1/5th
Length: 908mm (35.75 in)
Width: 664mm (26.25 in)
Height: 412.8mm (16.25 in)
Weight: 16.8 kg (37.1 lb)
Ground Clearance: 95.3mm (3.75 in)
Wheelbase: 641.3mm (25.25 in)
Chassis: 4mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminium
Suspension: Independent Shock
Type: Oil-Filled, Coil-Over Springs
Drivetrain: 4WD
Differential: Bevel Gear, Sealed
Wheel Diameter: 1238/174.6 mm (4.875/6.875 in.)
Wheel Width: 133.3 mm (5.25 in)
Tyre Tread: Losi Monster Claws
Tyre Diameter: 225.4mm (8.875 in)
Engine Size: 29cc CY F29 4-bolt Petrol 2-Stroke
Pinion: 15T Spur Gear: 67T Internal Gear Ratio: 3.31:1
Final Drive Ratio: 14.78:1
Radio: Spektrum DX2E
Servos Included: Yes (3x Losi S9005)
Batteries: 7.4V 4000 mAh 2S 15C LiPo Receiver Pack

Pricing, Availability and Manual

The Monster Truck XL will be available in 2 color combinations, Black and White. Pricing will be around €1299.99 which is a reasonable price compared to his competitors. The car will be available mid June!

Official manual can be found here: http://www.horizonhobby.com/pdf/LOS05009_Manual_MULTI.pdf

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