Losi MTXL and DBXL differences and similarities [Exploded views included]

Losi MTXL and DBXL differences and similarities [Exploded views included]

Yesterday was a interesting day for all Losi largescale enthousiasts. Horizon Hobby announced the Losi MTXL, a Monster Truck based on the DBXL. We have taken a closer look to both of the cars and there are a large amount of differences which makes the MTXL very interesting. Curious about the differences and similarities? Please read further!

It is good to have a updated DBXL!

The choice to use an existing chassis is always a good thing. Of course the chassis has to be proven to be good but that's the DBXL. There are many drivers that are loving the DBXL for a long time already. Some didn't like it and are choosing to drive the bigger brother (5ive-T). Always good to have a choice by personal taste. We like both of the cars but the DBXL could use some refinements to become a killer machine. And that is exactly what Losi did on the MTXL!

It is also a pleasure to have an upgraded chassis with plenty of available hop-up parts which are already available on the market. And yes, the DBXL could use some of these parts. Think about the plastic clutch bell carrier which is also available made out of aluminium as a aftermarket part. And when you run the car with a stronger engine you need this. The good thing is that all the development for the DBXL are also usable on the MTXL (most of the time...)


With the introduction of the MTXL there are also a lot of new parts listed. These parts are the differences between the DBXL and MTXL. Hereby a complete list with specific MTXL parts:

LOS252052 Drive Pin Rebuild Set (17)
LOS252049 Pinion Gear 15T 1.5M
LOS253019 Fr Rr Shock Body Cap AL Slvr(2)
LOS252047 Dogbone Rear (2)
LOS254026 Suspension Arms (2)
LOS250013 Body Painted Black
LOS250015 Body Clear with Sticker Set
LOS250014 Body Painted White
LOS252046 CV Front Dogbone (1)
LOS256009 Exhaust Deflector and Spring Clip
LOS254030 Hinge Pin Braces Front Alum Silver
LOS252051 Wheel Nut Black (4)
LOS254032 Front Spindle Set Black Aluminum
LOS254029 Rear Hinge Pin Braces Aluminum Silver(2)
LOS252050 Wheel Hex Black and Pin (4)
LOS251036 Side Guards L R
LOS250011 Body Mounts Front Rear
LOS251037 FR RR Chassis Brace & CNTR Diff Spcr
LOS251044 Steering Post Tube Spring Set
LOS251040 Rear Bumper Brace Bumper Skid Plate
LOS251039 Front Bumper Brace Bumper Skid Plate
LOS254028 Hinge Pin Outer (4)
LOS251043 Brake Pads Springs Cams Discs
LOS251042 Dual Steering Linkage Set
LOS45013 Silver Wheel & Black Bead Lock Rings (2)
LOS45014 Monster Claw Tire L R w insert (2)
LOS251041 Chassis MTXL
LOS250012 Body Support Set Engine
LOS252053 Dogbone Center (2)
LOS251038 Radio Tray Set
LOS254031 Pivot Balls and Rod Ends (12)
LOS15000 On Off Swtich and Wiring Harness
LOS252048 Spur Gear 67T 1.5M
LOS254027 Turnbuckle Set
LOS256008 Engine Mount Spacer & Clutch Mount AL Slvr
DYNE1075 F29 4-Bolt 29cc Engine w Carb & Air Cleaner

Exploded views

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