MIP 1/5th scale Real Brakes are Ready to Rumble!

MIP 1/5th scale Real Brakes are Ready to Rumble!

The Losi 5ive weights almost 40 lbs and it is really important to use good brakes. We have used several kind of brakes and none of them were able to give us the maximum stopping performance during a race from start to finish. This is why we picked up the brand new MIP 1/5th scale Real Brakes.


MIP 1/5th Scale, Real Brakes Kit, Losi 5ive-T #14360

Why Real Brakes?

MIP has developed a truly innovation for the Losi 5ive-T. Most of the available brake sets contains metal plates and rotors which are getting very hot during a run. High temperatures is given your Losi a stopping power which is almost zero. And the excessive galling of the brake parts makes the parts even hotter with possible damage as a result. The brake sets with carbon calipers are even worse!

All this said it’s necessary to bring the brake system to a completely new level and this is exactly what MIP did. They have investigate multiple brake systems on cars, motorcycles and bikes and scaled it down so it fits the Losi. And with success! The self cooling rotors are designed to limit the heat. All used materials are the same as manufacturers using in real scale vehicles. These materials are given you a much cooler brake system which hasn’t any fade at all. It will give you maximum braking pleasure all race or bash long. The pads are replaceable so you don't have to replace the complete caliper, that’s nice because the calipers itself didn’t have any wear at all. All these facts will result in a cooler brake system which has much stronger stopping power than we ever have experienced before.

Real Brakes!

Assembling the kit

We have assembled the kit and there is really nothing special to finish the job. The kit has also a rotor guide so the rotor isn’t getting cocked forward or backward when your Losi isn’t straight. This is useful when your car is getting air after a jump for example. The standard Losi diff mount and brake setup aren’t using such a guide system so you have to drill a hole. In the package you will not only find a very good install sheet, they have also added a drill template so nothing can’t go wrong. Also the drill is included!

MIP included 8x .050 ball head screws to secure the brake pads, not strange because MIP is proud to be an American company that makes all products by themselves. So US sized screws are included but can be an issue for European drivers. The .050 screw are really tiny and we doubt if largescale owners have the right tool in their toolboxes. If not, it's not a problem at all because these tools are plenty available.

Drill template

And when you have finished the job you will be convinced that you just pampered your Losi with the greatest brakes you can imagine.

Mounting the brakes on Modified RC diff mount

We have mounted the Real Brakes on the Modified RC center diff mount and there is something special about this. The Real Brakes are designed for the standard Losi diff mount and the screw holes on the Modified RC mount are not 100% aligned as the standard. On the Modified RC mount the calipers are not clearance itself because the caliper screws are in a tiny angle. We didn’t notice this earlier with other brake systems. The MIP brakes are really designed with perfectionism and the calipers won't clear itself when there is a small difference in the caliper screws. We have discussed this issue with MIP and this is a known issue. They are already changing their calipers so this won’t be a issue anymore. We have Dremeled the caliper holes a bit for now so they are now run freely on the caliper screws. This is an issue when the diff mount manufacturers are not calculating these holes exactly as Losi did, it isn’t a problem with the MIP brakes but they are willing to solve this which is great.

There is also an other issue with these screws in combination with the Modified RC mount. Most of the drivers that owns this type of diff mount are familiar with the fact that the screws are hitting the spur gear. This is why you have to shorten these screws with a Dremel. Nothing new but good information to share with you all we think.

Dremel actions when using Modified RC diff mount, no worry!

Soon we will drive the first competition race with these brakes and of course we will complete this review with our thoughts about it’s performance.

So stay tuned!

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