MIP 8-Shoe 54mm Racing Clutch

MIP 8-Shoe 54mm Racing Clutch

We picked up the brand new MIP Clutch System and will publish an in depth review and our thoughts soon! The MIP clutch is a completely redesigned clutch system and it's build is very uncommon in the world of 5th scale. These are the kind of innovative products we love and we can't wait to bring the Losi to the next level!

This 8-shoe clutch has some great advantages in opposite of their competitors. First of all this clutch is delivering you a clutch fade of zero. That means that you get more acceleration with longer shoe longevity. And it is lighter than the stock Zenoah clutch! Exactly what we are looking for in the highly weighted Losi 5ive!

In our frequent contact with MIP Team driver Matthew Olson we are convinced that this clutch system will take the Losi 5ive to the next level.

Please watch the video attached in this article. In this video Matt is driving the MIP Losi 5ive-T on a 8th scale track and the performance is really blown us away. It looks like Matt is driving an 8th scale car regarding the performance and smoothness.



That’s MIP’s Magic and soon more here on Losi Bigscale Nederland!

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