New looks for #33 Crew Car

New looks for #33 Crew Car

Performance and car handling aren't the only important things while driving competition. Also the looks is given the driver the proud feeling that helps winning a race. We have designed a new body for our Crew Rider Ralf van Hattum and the car looks awesome. We have driven the desert buggy like body panels last season but we decided to get back to Shortcourse. Why?

The reason to drive the official Losi 5ive-T body again is not only that we think it is necessary as a Horizon Hobby representative to demonstrate the car as it is meant to be. The fact that all wheels are inside the body will give us more competition and close racing. Close racing as you also see at the Stadium Super Truck series and that’s the most charming part of this racing class.

But there is also one other benefit and that's airflow. Losi has developed their 5T body to get the best downforce on the huge chassis. That is also the reason why the cab is bigger and more in front than most other type of RC cars. More downforce in front means more pressure on the front wheels which results in better cornering.

We are looking forward to drive this great car!

1ST Devils Cup race at the Hell of Holten
2ND Devils Cup race at the Hell of Holten

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