New Losi 5ive-T Off-Road RTR announced

New Losi 5ive-T Off-Road RTR announced

Horizon Hobby has announced a new version of the Losi 5ive-T today. Now it's called the Losi 5ive-T Off Road RTR and this probably because of the line up with the Mini 5ive WRC RTR. Ready to Run so you get a complete package. What is so special about this updated version?

The chassis looks the same as the 5ive which is released in 2011. But is has some really nice upgrades!!! The body looks really great and gives this car a completely different and fresh look. Losi has learned a lot of the Mini development and have put all the nicest upgrades on this car also. So you now get a 29cc Dynamite engine, Spektrum DX2e transmitter with the SRS4201 receiver which is capable to give this truck Active Vehicle Control out of the box! To power the big 1/4 scale servo there is also a Lipo in the battery tray.

Our opinion is that the Losi 5ive-T deserves these new features. The 26cc engine and the Nimh battery which comes with the first 5T was out dated and this looks like the perfect fit for this car. We have soon more experiences with the engine while we run the Mini WRC RTR and will share our thoughts about this power horse. We think that the Ready to Run philosophy of Horizon Hobby is the right choice for new come bigscale drivers and is better than the Bind and Drive which is the configuration of the recent 5ive-T.

Good to know: Our opinion is that such a car needs a kill switch to shutdown the engine during a runaway. The most relevant manufacturer for these killswitches is KillerRC and they have 2 version. When you are going to drive this car with the transmitter you need the KillerBee v2 to operate as it should be. For the V1 of the KillerBee you need a 3rd channel and that's not part of the Spektrum DX2e.

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