Losi DBXL K&N 1/5 4WD released

Losi DBXL K&N 1/5 4WD released

Horizon Hobby released a very cool special edition of their 5th scale Losi DBXL 4WD Desert Buggy. This Desert Buggy is a very popular 4WD gas RC car and with the brand new K&N graphics it looks great! Everything you need is included except a can with gasoline, buy a big can and plenty of fuel because when the fun starts you don't want to stop.

As said everything is included to start the fun directly after buying this bad ass DBXL. The electronics are delivered by Dynamite and SpektrumRC. The servo's from Spektrum are good for 30kg of torque the specs says. We doubt if this is right because the servo's are 6v and together with the 6v 1700mAh NiMH receiver battery these SPMS901 servo's have a torque of 18kg/cm. The steering servo would be not the fastest or strongest but it will give you much fun when starting the bigscale hobby. The steering servo would be probably the first part you want to upgrade just as the receiver battery.

To control this beautiful 5th scale car a transmitter and receiver is included. To keep the price as lowest as possible there is a low end transmitter added, the Spektrum DX2e 2.4Ghz. This 2-channel transmitter work just fine in combination with the included Spektrum SR410 DSMR receiver.

The engine is 23cc 2-stroke and the same as used in the previous DBXL. A very nice addition in this new Ready to Run car is the K&N airfilter to get the best and cleanest airflow as possible. The bottom end with this engine isn't the quickest but also here it will give the driver enough power to get familiar with the car. Of course you can upgrade the engine and/or clutch so this car will be fast! We have experienced DBXL's with 32cc engines by our own and the car is able to handle that huge amount of power. So it depends on your learning curve or budget how fast this car will be. No experience with bigscale? Please run this car with the standard 23cc motor to get familiar with such a big and heavy car!

One thing we have to mention. The receiver battery package is 1700mAh and you are able to drive about an hour with this. When you are in a field without the possibility of charging a second battery (or battery with higher capacity) would be more than welcome.

As far as we know the new K&N DBXL version is an addition to the bigscale surface category and not a replacement for the 'old' red and white Desert Buggy XL. The K&N body is officially licensed and we were surprised that there is only an extra small amount of budget needed in opposite of the regular DBXL because licensing a product could be expensive, not in this case!

Already own an Losi DBXL and you like this K&N body scheme? Soon you can buy a complete set with body panels (part number LOS250010) to change the looks of your car into K&N style! Is this car worth buying? Yes definitely. We have seen lots of DBXL's bashing or into competition and they do the job perfectly. When you are planning to get into competition seriously it is probably better to choose a 5ive-T because shortcourse is more populair these days.

For bash, fun and friendly competition this is really a great car!!!

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More information about pricing and availability can be found here.

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