New Team Orion Magnesium Vortex Pro electric motors

New Team Orion Magnesium Vortex Pro electric motors

Team Orion is one of the most successful engine manufacturers for electric and nitro cars. Their famous innovations like a brushless engine with integrated speed controller (dDrive) is popular these days. Now Team Orion introduced their new competition lineup of their successor Vortex Pro Serie made out of magnesium!

The Vortex VST2 Pro Mg are available in 540 (1/10 scale) and 690-size (1/8 scale) brushless motors. Magnesium is a widely used metal in automotive racing, aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing and around 33 percent lighter than aluminium but with similar mechanical characteristics as alloy. The motors use the same technology as the standard VST2 Pro with the 540-size motors also featuring a new sensor design for improved performance and efficiency.

The 540-size motor weighs in at 180g and it will become available as 5.5T, 6.5T and 7.5T Modified and 13.5T and 17.5T Stock variant.

The 690-class 1/8 motor, weighing in at 323g, is a fixed timing 4-pole 2100kv offering. All offer dual sensor ports and Gold-plated heavy duty solder tabs.


■ Magnesium motor case ■ LW lightweight design ■ World championship winning VST2 Pro technology ■ Modified and Stock winds available ■ Dual Sensor Port ■ New sensor design improves performance and efficiency ■ Low resistance solder tabs ■ High quality stator materials ■ Precision balanced rotor

Wesley van Helmond | Ready4Reedy

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