One-way Differential by N-R-P

One-way Differential by N-R-P

The Losi 5ive-T includes three differentials which are pretty important to keep your drivetrain in a good health. You can play with different oils to get more traction in corners or not. Most drivers underestimate this functionality and forget this completely when they setup their car. NRP goes a step further and is prototyping a completely new differential for the Losi 5ive-T, a one-way differential!

Differentials are commonly two-way to keep the 4 wheels part of the running drivetrain. This is also happening when releasing the throttle and this may effect in under- or over steering your car when comes into a corner. To win valuable seconds within a race it is so important to keep your car rolling without losing speed through a differential. This is why NRP is prototyping a one-way differential!

Why one-way? This is valuable when you come close to a corner at full speed and releasing your throttle. At that point the one-way diff releases your front wheels from the drivetrain to keep the car rolling at maximum speed and is able to turn with any under- or over steering. When you activate the throttle again the front wheels are part of the drivetrain again at it’s maximum to give you the best amount of performance to get out of the corner.

One other benefit is when one wheel is loosing traction (comes of the ground). This differential has independent one-way bearings for each front wheel so the two front wheels can rotate at different rates like a regular differential. 

The one-way differential should be used on tracks where braking ability by the rear wheels alone is sufficient.

One other advantage of a one-way diff is that a lot of parts, such as gears, are completely superfluous. This will result in a weight loss of 130 grams!

We will test this new differential together with RN Tuning RC Racing Team and share the results soon.

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