Paint your body like a real Losi

Paint your body like a real Losi

All Losi drivers are familiar with the Black and White scheme of the Losi 5T. When you are buying a Ready to Run Losi 5ive-T, or just need to replace your body, it is a challenge to get the standard look. When you are ordering a complete body in parts you will be blown away of the amount of packages. The packages on the photo below are not only the body panels, the roll cage is on the picture also:


Assembling the body isn't that hard. On page 74 of the Losi 5ive-T manual you will find the exploded view of the complete body and roll cage. So we can highly advise to keep the exploded view within your reach while assemble this thing. When you are finished the ending result is a massive transparant body which screams for some paint.


Now it's time to choose whether you go for the Black or White version. We have chosen to go for the Black version and travelled to Rijksweg60 to get some paint. We didn't know how much paint we needed for this body before and bought 3 bottles of black and 2 bottles of white paint. This is 750ml paint in total and you need all this paint for such a huge body!


All setup and ready to go. The first step is to clean and decrease your body panels, otherwise the paint is coming of the first time you drive this body. You have to paint a transparant Lexan body on the inside so please do not remove the protective film on the outside. When you start your paint job it is important to do this in steps. So don't spray the body at ones, better to spray three thin layers. It takes some time but the result is much better.


 Looks a bit strange, a 5T without the decals. But this is your starting point to paste all the stickers and get a real Losi 5ive-T.


Now it's time to reserve some free time in your calendar. This body is getting a lot of stickers and it is not the easiest job. The most challenging part is to get the striping on the body. So please think first how you position the stickers! When you are done a newly born 5T is in your mancave!


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