Prevent your 5ive-T body from damage

Prevent your 5ive-T body from damage

Have you ever taken out your Losi for a great bash or race and realized that your expensive body is cracked afterwards? It is so frustrating when you have spend so much time and energy in your new body and after a few runs it is damaged. The body is not bad at all, it is a high quality lexan body separated into 4 panels. So you don't have to replace the whole body but can we prevent the body from these cracks? Yes we can!

We have measured the inserts and the holes in the body and they have exactly the same diameter of 8mm. The reason to make these 2 parts even is probably to prevent the body for vibrations. But the negative is that the body parts are also having zero play and resulted in some tension on the material. To prevent you body from damage we can highly advise to drill the holes wider so the panels are getting more space to play.

b2ap3_thumbnail_losi 5t body holes.png

On our body we have already drilled the holes 1mm wider. This is enough to have plenty of space available. Bigger holes can even have a negative effect because the body is than able to vibrate. So 1mm more diameter is fine.

b2ap3_thumbnail_losi 5t body holes1.png


To get the job done you can use a dremel, knife or drill. It is up to you which tool you prefer. We have used a Body Reamer from Tourex which is designed for this task.

b2ap3_thumbnail_tourex body reamer.png

Hopefully we helped you for preventing your body from damage with this short tutorial. Many thanks to Rinus Visser for sharing this tip with us! Do you also have a great tip that all Losi drivers needs to know? Please let us know!

This trick doesn't give your body an unlimited lifetime of course. When your Losi is experiencing a big crash this tip isn't useful anymore because of the high impact. But for normal driving this can help you to keep your body in a great shape! 

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