Racing Report from 3rd Round Dutch Losi 5T Cup

Racing Report from 3rd Round Dutch Losi 5T Cup

Today the 3rd Round of the Dutch Losi 5ive-T Cup at the Hell of Holten organized by Main Meetings Raalte. The track was really fast and challenging. It was the first time in the competition that we were able to drive a total of more than 80 rounds over 3 heats. Normally this is about 75 so the track was fast!


Track design 3rd Dutch Losi 5T Cup 2015

We would like to congratulate the top3 drivers with their results. You all have done a great job. Hereby today's ranking:
1. Erik de Koning
2. Sander van Es
3. Alex van Stuijvenberg (not in the picture because he had other responsibilities after the race).

Thanks to Main Meetings Raalte for the good organization!!!

Personal note from our Crew Driver Ralf van Hattum:
I was very excited about today's race. It was the first time I could drive with the MIP Shocks and Brakes. After all those good reviews it was my turn to fly over the track wink-emoticon

Heat 1 was a disaster immediately. Since my Hitec HS-1000 SGT is still in service i am stucked with the double steering setup with Savox. I am really not a big fan of this setup because we have seen so many Savox servo's dying during races. And now it was my turn to blew up 2 Savox servo's and melted all electronics. Our advise to Losi drivers who are planning to switch to an steering servo upgrade. DO NOT BUY SAVOX!!!! You better have some fun with the standard Losi servo when you can't afford a Hitec. Spektrum has planned a big servo which is affordable for many guys out there (Spektrum S9010 for throttle and S9020 for steering). It takes some time already before they finally release these servo's but it is much worth the wait!

And weren't we able to test the MIP parts. Yes of course we have done a test. In the Main Final we have changed the shock setup of Erik de Koning with the MIP shocks. WE WERE AMAZED ABOUT THEIR PERFORMANCE!!! The track has many deep holes after so many races that it is hard to drive. With the MIP shocks Erik was able to take his Losi to it's maximum. It was like he was driving on this track without the holes and bumps, I was really surprised. I knew already that the shocks can do something good for us but this was far of our expectations. Erik was able to drive the final at ease and finished first. Even with much lighter 1:6th scale buggies in the competition. Good job Erik!

So we are convinced about the performance of these shocks. This is the best suspension behavior we have ever seen with a Losi 5ive-T. Good job MIP!!!!!!!!

Hopefully i can drive the RCOB cross which is planned next week. With this setup i can't so hopefully the mailman is at my door this week with a good steering servo...

MIP 1/5th scale Real Brakes are Ready to Rumble!
Champ Erik de Koning about MIP Shocks

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