This is all about Shock Springs!

This is all about Shock Springs!

We see a lot of guys who entered (or are near by entering) the bigscale hobby because of the popularity of the 5ive platform. They have so much fun with this truck but did they know that the truck handles better by choosing the correct shock setup? This article is all about the shiny colored springs for Losi 5ive-T and 5ive Mini WRC (theory can be applied to all RC models with spring tuning options). So get rid of your bumpy ride and get the smoothest truck ever!

1. The Basics

Before we show you the different kind of springs you first have to understand the basics. Your Losi truck comes standard with blue springs. These springs are soft (not the softest) and gives the truck more traction, the challenge is to get a truck that is able to roll over quickly when the suspension is heavily loaded. This suspension can be easily change since Losi offers different kind of springs. 

When you apply softer springs on the front it gives you more steering but it reacts slower. Stiffer front springs makes the vehicle more responsive. Thicker springs on smooth tracks and thinner on technical tracks is the way to go for the front.

Softer rear springs can be very helpful on rough tracks but the negative is that the chassis will bottom out easier. Softer springs will hamper the ability of jumping. Therefore, on smooth tracks with jumps it is better to choose firmer springs on the rear of your car.

Summary spring changes

2. Spring overview

We receive questions about the springs frequently. This is really a question that deserves a Top10 rating in the frequently asked question list. But why so many questions you think? Well all springs looks the same, feels the same and fits the same. Only difference is the color? No definitely not! The color is referring to the thickness of the wire and all different springs are having a different weight rating. So we have created a shock sheet to give you a complete overview (please click to enlarge):

Shock Spring overview


As you can see in this sheet the Golden springs are the softest while Orange are the stiffest. Soft and stiff are terms to describe the dampening characteristics of the springs.

3. Keep your springs in top condition

Maintaining your truck is always a good idea. For competition drivers this is common sense but please let this also be a standard activity for hobbyists. This is the only way to keep your truck in a good condition and let it perform top notch. Prevent your suspension from wear is very easy and we do it all the time.

When you leave your truck on the workbench or shelf for some time it's important to keep the springs under less tension. You can keep your truck of the ground by putting wheels under the chassis plate for example. When you want your springs in the best available condition for a long time you can also choose to remove the shock completely from the car (this is how we do it!). This because the droop screws are limiting the travel of your shocks. So leaving the shocks on your truck means that the springs are always under tension which causes different handling of the car after a while.

Removed the shocks as said earlier? Please remove the plastic shock cups also to avoid all other tension on your springs. This is the only way to have shocks which are able to perform at it's optimum!

4. Last words

This article was all about the springs. And yes, the oil and shock placement has also a huge effect on the handling of your car. Curious about all the basics of your shocks? Please read our complete basic lesson here about Shocks!

Still have some questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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