Spektrum S9010 and S9020 bigscale servo's now available

Spektrum S9010 and S9020 bigscale servo's now available

The wait is over! This week the brand new SpektrumRC servo’s for the Losi 5ive-T are available at horizon hobby.com or your local hobbyshop.

We know many 5ive-T owners have waited for this news. There is actually no servo on the market that is able to handle all the power which is generated in this heavy car. These SpektrumRC servo’s are developed especially for this car so we are convinced that these will work for 95%. But of course we will test these beasts and let you all know our thoughts.

Two versions are available. First we have the Spektrum S9010 (part number SPMSS9010). This servo is designed to get the quickest response on your throttle and brake mechanism. The servo has a speed of 0.14 seconds when using an 8.4volt lipo battery. This will give you a comfortable feeling when you pull the trigger. Second is the Spektrum S9020 (part number SMSS9020) and extremely useful for steering. There are lots of discussions on the net about the steering servo’s in combination with this 5th scale car. Most of the servo’s aren’t able to handle the extreme power the front wheels generates in turns. With the new Spektrum you’ll get more than 75kg power on the steering (average servo is about 40kg). Plenty enough torque to keep your expensive Losi 5ive-T on track en turn like a beast.

Both servo's do have hardened steel gears and will work with the 8.4volt Lipo. They also have a removable harness which is very useful when replacing a servo. We use the SpektrumRC 1/8 scale variants in our buggies and truggy and they've never disappointed us!

Happy steering with Spektrum S9020 and throttling with the Spektrum S9010 smile

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