Tip to extend the lifetime of your TLR Cab Forward body

Tip to extend the lifetime of your TLR Cab Forward body

One of the upgrade bodies for your TLR 8ight-E 3.0 (or Losi 8ight-E RTR) is the Cab Forward body with part number TLR340002. This body not only looks great but the big cabine in front has also a function. It will give the car more downforce on the front and we can highly advise this body because of this. But please be aware before you drive this beauty!

For our #33 8ight-E 3.0 car we are using two types of bodies. First of all the body that is included in the box. The second is the Cab Forward body. We think the last one is the most effective on the track. We spend a lot of time to paint the body but after 2 rounds on the track it is already damaged on the back side where it is mounted on the chassis.

Damage after a couple of round driving the Cab Forward body

What's the point...

The body holes are located on a different location in opposite of the standard body. As you can see on the picture below the standard body has some play because the chassis posts are in the middle of the oval holes. This is done to prevent the body from damage.

Body posts position with standard body has some play lengthwise
The Cab Forward body didn’t have this play and is damaged almost directly after the first crash with a little impact.

The body posts not having any play with Cab Forward body

How to solve this

Please check the amount of play (lengthwise) the body has while mounted on the chassis. When it has no play you have to enlarge the holes with a Dremel or reamer. That’s all you have to do to have some great fun with this body for a long time!

A simple but effective solution that only takes a couple of seconds…

Buy this body or not?

Yes this is a must have body for your TLR 8ight-E 3.0. This completely redesigned body is great and gives you a totally new experience when driving your 8ight. The solution to prevent this kind of damage is simple but you have to be aware of it before you drive it. We didn't know it and both of our bodies are unfortunately damaged so we have to start over :-(

Please share this article to let your 8ight friends know what they have to do to have some great fun with the TLR Cab Forward body!

Completely redesigned body which looks and performs great!

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