TLR 8IGHT 4.0 Nitro Buggy Race Kit

TLR 8IGHT 4.0 Nitro Buggy Race Kit

UPDATE | Please read our build report and review here! *** Running video included ***

As of today Team Losi Racing has released their new 8th scale nitro flagship, the TLR 8ight 4.0. The previous model, the 3.0, was already 3 years on the market and it was time for some refreshment and get rid of some issues. It isn't a complete new car such as what happened with the 22 3.0 some weeks ago. But the refinements on the car are really interesting.

What's new

TLR 8ight 4.0

The 4.0 buggy kit is new and we don't have the car available by ourselves yet. The improvements from the official specs are:

  • CV Booted hubs
  • Moulded rubber boots on the universals and centre drivetrain dog bones
  • Engine more off center to have a better angle of the drive shafts. The dog bones are better balanced out to improve the acceleration and overall performance
  • Throttle servo brace
  • Mounting holes for adding extra brass weight
  • New front spindles and rear hubs that you use a larger outside bearing for increased durability
  • Larger engine mount that reduces chassis flex
  • Wider chassis
  • Revised chassis side guards
  • Bleeding shock caps
  • Redesigned shock towers with new camber link and shock mounting holes

All changes will give you a more stable, durable and faster nitro buggy. This will be the new standard in 8th scale nitro buggy racing.

TLR 8ight 4.0 on track


Today the 8th scale buggy Worlds will start at a fabulous track in Italy, IBR Padova. The fastest RC drivers of the world are present and also the main drivers from Team Losi Racing. And off course they will drive the 4.0 over there. These guys has to proof that all adjustments on the car are worth the money and change your TLR 8th scale nitro gear into 4.0.

IBR Padova


More information about this kit:



Todd Hodge is Surface Category Manager within Horizon Hobby and he will explain all improvements within this kit. Please sit back and watch this passionated person. 

Convert a 3.0

Since we've shared this article we have received lots of question. One of the frequently asked question was if it is possible to convert a 3.0 into a 4.0. We have investigated this question and yes it is possible. BUT, it costs a lot and it makes more sense to buy a new kit and sell your 3.0. The 3.0 is still a great buggy, the launch of the 4.0 doesn't change that.

When you buy all 4.0 parts separately you have to order the following parts:

  • TLR242018 Axle Boot Set
  • TLR243033 Shock Cap Bushings
  • TLR243035 Shock Stand-Off
  • TLR241019 Fuel Tank
  • TLR247000 3/32 x 3/16 x 3/32" Sealed Ball Bearings
  • TLR241015 Front Chassis Brace
  • TLR244026 Rear Shock Tower, Aluminium
  • TLR244022 Rear Hub Set
  • TLR244025 Front Shock Tower, Aluminum
  • TLR243034 16mm Bleeder Shock Caps (x2)
  • TLR244024 Front Spindle Set
  • TLR242017 F/R CV Driveshaft Axles (x2)
  • TLR241014 Chassis
  • TLR242019 Spacer, Pinion Bearings
  • TLR241018 Brake Linkage Hardware
  • TLR242016 Front Center Dogbone
  • TLR241017 Engine Mount Set
  • TLR244023 Front Spindle Carrier Set, 15 Degree
  • TLR244027 Hinge Pins, 4 x 21mm TiCN (x2)
  • TLR241016 Side Guard Set
  • TLR245004 Ackerman Shoulder Screws
  • LOSA6942 8x16mm Sealed Ball Bearing (x2)
  • TLR241005 Bumper

This makes a total of USD 450,-. A complete kit costs USD 619.99 so it doesn't make sense to convert a 3.0 in our opinion. The list doesn't include the new 4.0 Cab Forward body. This because you can use a 3.0 body but have to make some adjustments, this because the engine is located more to the side.

EFRA / Euros Losi Buggy from Mike Humphreys (UK)
Crew Car #33: TLR 8ight 3.0

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