Tools, become a professional mechanic

Tools, become a professional mechanic

It is really personal whether you choose regular screwdrivers (just like the Tourex we shared earlier this week) or a set like this. Our opinion is that you need both to become a complete mechanic. So it's time to complement your toolbox with only the best tools, your Losi deserves it!

Every toolset has it's pros and cons. One of the things we have always missed on regular sets is a good handle which fits perfectly in your hand. Important because this is the only way to really tighten the most crucial screws in your Losi.

One set we can highly recommend is the high quality 'DeLuxe Largescale Toolset' from Dynamite. It includes almost everything to maintain your Losi. No you can't remove the spark plug or wheel nuts with this set, but for all other application this set is your friend. All packed in a nice pouch so you never lose your tips again. One other big benefit of this set is that it comes with a great handle that has an integrated rattle! More information can be found here:


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