Tourex Bigspeed 3 with Automatic Torque system

Tourex Bigspeed 3 with Automatic Torque system

Please meet the new Tourex clutch system, the Big Speed 3! The Tourex Big Speed 3 clutch system is especially developed to meet the high demands from todays drivers. Since the engines becomes faster and stronger these days the clutch has to handle much power as never before.

This clutch has 4 shoes which can completely operate by your personal taste through adjusting the spring types. You are now able to press 2 shoes earlier in the bell within the startup cycle by 700 to 2000 rpm. When the engine has enough rpm to press all 4 shoes into the bell the spring preload is neutralized. Reason for doing this is that there is no slippage occurring anymore and this will protect your clutch shoes for wear and damage! When the throttle is released the springs are again activated within milliseconds. With this new system the wear of the shoes is significantly reduced.

This clutch is especially designed for models with high power engines such as the heavy Losi 5ive-T. You can off course use this new clutch system in all models. And yes, you can personalize the characteristics of the clutch by changing the spring strength and shoe combination!

The Tourex Big Speed 3 is available somewhere around Spring 2015.

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