TLR 22 2.0 Setup Sheets from Wesley van Helmond

TLR 22 2.0 Setup Sheets from Wesley van Helmond

Yesterday was a great day for Dutch TLR Team Driver Wesley van Helmond. During the Belgium-Netherlands Championships (BNK) he was able driving to the top spot of the podium even there were some big challenges. The biggest challenge was the continuously changing weather conditions and together with his dad he was able to change his setup almost directly. Without the use of a proper setup sheet this is almost impossible. And now you all can take benefit of their TLR 22 2.0 winning setup!

Track conditions and tyres

The weather is crucial for the chosen setup. And the weather was bad, from dry to rain in 10 minutes and of course just before a race started. The biggest challenge is to anticipate on these conditions within a short amount of time. Wesley isn't the only one that works on his car but together with his dad Joey they are a winning team!

On the Astro track from Off-Road track Arendonk Belgium they had to choose which tyres were mounted on his car due to some regulations. On the rear the Schumacher Minispike is mandatory during these club races, the front tyres can be chosen by the driver itself. After some tests Wesley felt most comfortable with the Schumacher Cut Stagger. With these tyres and track conditions he was able to be the Top Qualifier of the day!

Astro track at Off-Road Racing Arendonk Belgium

Setup Sheets

As said earlier they have to switch between setups during the day, this because the dry and wet situations. Hereby you can find the setup sheets Team van Helmond has figured out which suits them best on this track. Wesley was very happy with this setup and said that his 22 2.0 was acting like he was driving a race car on a Nintendo. We are not familiar with console gaming on a Nintendo but we think he experienced a car which was performing like a top notch fantasy car ;-)

Download links:

Wet setup:
Dry setup:

BNK Arendonk TLR 22 2.0 WETBNK Arendonk TLR 22 2.0 DRY

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