Upcoming: Power HD servo test

Upcoming: Power HD servo test

Followed our racing reports lately? Than you understand there is a need for the next level of servo's! Most of the Losi drivers are driving Savox servo's with mixed feelings. We race a lot and see so many servo's dying. Also our Crew Rider Ralf van Hattum has screwed 2 important races by the lack of quality in these Savox servo's. Burned servo motors and mashed gears are no exceptions. Every racing day we see a lot of disappointing drivers because their racing day has ended too early thanks to these issues. That's why we are going to test something new, POWER HD servo's!

Together with ME Tuning we have already done some good discussions. ME Tuning understand the needs of all type of drivers and they were willing to help us! We have already some Power HD 1235MG High Voltage Ultra Torque (sounds good!) at Losi Bigscale Nederland HQ for some stress tests.

Power HD, good appearance!

What do we know already about these servo's? These servo's are in the same price range as Savox. That's important because not every driver can afford the mega torque Hitec servo. The Power HD servo's are High Voltage and can be used with a 7.4v Lipo battery and delivers 40kg of torque when using this kind of Lipo. On 6.0v it gives you 35kg torque which is also very acceptable. And with the speed of 0.18 seconds on 7.4v your Losi is easy to handle on both steering or throttle / brake. The most important is, can these Power HD handle all the power that the Losi 5ive-T generates? We will find out very soon!


What's next?

Now we know the servo's are looking good and have some impressive specs it is time to build. These servo's have some different dimensions which is not an issue at all. Most of the servo's have different sizes and these Power HD are in the range of the Hitec Rhino Digi-4. So a bit smaller than the Savox 0235/0236. The horn gear spline has a diameter of 8.8mm and counts 17T so this is also different than we are familiar with. All hardware such as horns are included so we will see these servo's working very soon. Xander Agterbosch will drive a dual steering servo setup in his Shortcourse Losi 5ive-T, Ralf van Hattum will use a servo on Throttle / Brake.

Our expectations are really good. There are already some tests with Power HD servo's (not the 1235MG's) and are all really positive. Hopefully the problems with servo's are history. Stay tuned for our test results!

UPDATE 19-07-2015

After some delay we finally tested these servo's. They were inside the car of Xander Agterbosch and you all could read how the car performed during the Losi XPRNC2015.

In the Netherlands there are many drivers with these servo's since a couple of months. They are all very happy with the performance and reliability. The only thing we have figured out is that you have to open the servo case before you use them to check the amount of grease. Most of the servo's have not much grease on the gears so we can highly advise to check this and add some grease if needed (thanks Benno for the tip!). 

Test setup has passed the test!

We have used a y-cable to connect them to the receiver. Since every servo didn't have the same 0-point out of the box this is a normal situation. The test was done in such a way because most of the drivers are using a y-cable in a double steering setup. And we have to admit, it performed very well and this setup is highly advisable. Even after a hard 20 minutes final the steering was top notch. 

The alternative to use a double steering setup is to hook them up to the receiver with each servo on a separate channel. It is a simple step to assign those 2 channels to the steering input so you can trim and set the endpoint for each individual servo. But it has some challenge for some drivers because you need to have an empty slot in the receiver. And this is why we used the y-cable to get the best knowledge and experience of these servo's and what they are capable of.

So now we can say: TEST PASSED!

Xander took the win with these servo's during Losi XPRNC2015


We are not sponsored at all by Power HD. The reason we have started this test is to figure out if there is an alternative for Savox. We are also not a platform who would like to be negative about products as we are now about Savox. But we can't ignore the bad quality of the Savox servo's and this is also discussed on Facebook in different groups very often. So we are not the only drivers that are experiencing these problems. This is why it is getting time to try something new!

Crew Rider Ralf van Hattum looks like a Fashion model in the Power HD Team Clothing ;-) LOL

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