Wet asphalt run with Losi 5ive Mini WRC RTR + Movie

Wet asphalt run with Losi 5ive Mini WRC RTR + Movie

Today we had some runs with the brand new Losi 5ive Mini WRC RTR. It was big fun to drive this huge RC car! The Mini feels completely different than the 5T. Unfortunately we had some snow a couple of days ago but waiting to drive this thing wasn't an option, so it became a wet run and the Mini did very well!

While we were preparing the Mini for the first Break In run we had some experiences we wanted to share with you. Please read first the manual very carefully. There is some interesting information printed on that paper! The Lipo battery isn't fully charged out of the box, that's normal but when you are going out for the first run please charge the Lipo. Reason for saying this is that you can't stop driving because of the fun :-)

Before the first run we changed the exhaust. To standard exhaust is spitting all the exhaust gasses direct in the car and towards the inside of the body. But the Mini body is so beautiful so we wanted the gasses out of the car. But we are a bit worried about the exhausts for this car. Many 5T owners are having already an exhaust and most of the exhaust will not fit in this car. The VRC and Samba for example are to long and are hitting the left rear tyre. The Mini is narrower that the 5T so not every 5T exhaust is usable in the Mini. We wanted to drive the Mini as much as standard to get a good feeling what this can do out of the box. The huge airfilter is also taken much space and makes it unable to use our no.1 exhaust, the N-R-P Cobra One. So in the future we will replace the airfilter with a TwinAir filter so the Cobra One can fit within this car. The only exhaust that fits for now was the Mielke Tuned pipe for the Losi 5ive-T. A good exhaust for those who need the performance in top speed but it is given the engine less traction but for now no problem. But the exhaust manufacturers are having to do some homework for this car...

Please be aware when you start the engine for the first time, the choke is on out of the box. So do not pull the starter to often, stop when the engine want's to start and set the choke switch to the off position. At that point the Dynamite 29cc engine will start almost directly. The engine has plenty of power and a good fit for the Mini. With the Cobra One exhaust this engine will perform better than the setup we have driven this time, that's for sure. We also change the setup of the Mini because it has so many under steering. So we have something to do for the next run which will come very soon.

Overall thoughts about the Mini. Damn this car is so much fun! The body is perfect and it looks so sweet to see the Mini perform. The build quality is really good and the engine is given all drivers plenty of fun. Of course there are enough tuned engines which will fit in this car and are pushing the Mini more at it's limits than this engine does. But this is way better than the 26cc which was part of the earlier version of the 5T.

Now it's time to clean the Mini and give it the care it deserves!

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