Dynamite work stand: Easy maintain your big Losi

Dynamite work stand: Easy maintain your big Losi

Maintaining your bigscale is always a bit of a challenge. The cars are big and heavy and that's why most of the guys are struggling when they're working on their cars. Some brands are already delivering work stands to make our lives easier but when you will have a quality stand it is very expensive. And quality is important because it needs to support a huge and expensive RC car. Now Dynamite delivers a high quality Largescale Work Stand for a reasonable price. We have investigated if this tool is worth the money.

Assembling the stand

Within 30 minutes you have completed the build of this very useful tool. All separate parts are safely packed and the manual is straight forward. When you get your hands on the components for the first time you realize that this is a heavy duty stand. It is heavy and that's exactly what we need as large scale drivers because the cars needs to be secured without any risk.

When the build is completed we were really enthusiastic about the design. It not only looks great but it is also one of the strongest work stands we have seen so far.

Using the stand

Using the stand is the most funny part. We have never maintained our car so easy. The chassis is secured on the stand with clamps and there is no way the car can fall off. All screws on the bottom are accessible with ease when using an Losi 5ive-T, Losi 5ive Mini WRC or DBXL. We haven't an HPI but those cars can also mounted and secured on this stand which is a good thing because we know lots of Losi owners are having also an HPI (Baja 5B, 5Tb and 5SC). The clamp points can easily changed so you can use the stand with different large scale models at the same time.

To access the bottom of the car you are able to flip the car on it's side by removing the secure pins. With such a heavy car this is always a challenge but the stand is balanced well and also a kid can flip the car sideways. When the car is flipped sideways the stand is still very stable and there is no risk that the stand will fall even in this 'unbalanced' position.

When working on the car you are able to have all the tools and parts within your reach because of the tray which is situated under the car.

The height of the stand is adjustable and we were positively surprised about the maximum height. The stand is even very easy to use for tall persons (I am almost 2mtr tall and can stand straight when using this tool). There is also a possibility to use the stand on a workbench by removing the legs. A short pipe for this configuration is included.

The fixture plate rotates 360° so there is need to walk around the car and makes it possible to maintain your large scale in small spaces.

The clamps are secured with wing nuts which makes it easy to remove the clamp arms. This is needed because the clamp arms needs to be removed when the chassis is putted on the fixture plate. So first you need place your car between the clamping posts (just like putting a nitro car on it's starter box) without the clamping arms mounted. To secure the car the arms can mounted afterwards. 

When there is no need to flip the car sideways the arms are not needed.

Last Words

We are very surprised about the strength of this great tool. There are no negatives we can imagine about this stand. Maybe a rotation solution for the clamp arms would be a nice addition so you don't have to remove the arms while putting the car on the stand.

And is this a tool which we will use on location? Definitely yes. The stand can be folded and separated in individual parts so transportation is pretty simple.

Want also the Dynamite large scale work stand? Please visit your local hobby shop or visit Horizon's Hobby website here.

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