Your exhaust secured by MIP

Your exhaust secured by MIP

Simplicity doesn't mean that a product is not worth the money. We picked up the Header Lock Wire Bolt Kit from MIP to secure the exhaust manifold and we are quite impressed!

What’s the point you ask? Well when you're driving a 40 pound monster on an offroad track a lot of vibration is encountered which unfortunately takes a toll on the manifold and comes loose. Do not blame yourself, this happens to the best of drivers. Thread lock isn't effective when encountered with concentrated heat as it becomes liquid again by temperatures above 110°C. When this fact comes to light we need another solution to keep those pesky bolts tight, the solution is to lock the bolts mechanically and this is exactly what MIP has developed. They are using a wire to secure the bolts and it works great! This design has been proved over and over again in the real world on commercial aircraft and military machinery. And if one bolt tries to loosen up it will actually tighten the other one simultaneously. Genius!

Within the package you get the header bolts, split lock washers, safety wire nut, and the spring wire. A complete package to secure your exhaust. With this package you can even decorate your car with the exclusive MIP confetti stickers which are included!

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