Crew Car #33: Under the Hood

Crew Car #33: Under the Hood

Our Crew Rider Ralf van Hattum is proud to give you some insight information surrounding our #33 Crew Car. We spend a lot of time to make this car ready for the hardest competition. Together with our partners we have developed a great Losi 5ive-T which is fast, reliable and durable. In this article you learn (almost ;-) ) everything about this car!

1. Body

Let's start with the hood itself. Performance and car handling aren't the only important things while driving competition. Also the looks is given the driver the proud feeling that helps winning a race. The reason to drive the official Losi 5ive-T body again is not only that we think it is necessary as a Horizon Hobby representative to demonstrate the car as it is meant to be. The fact that all wheels are inside the body will give us more competition and close racing. Close racing as you also see at the Stadium Super Truck series and that’s the most charming part of this racing class.

But there is also one other benefit and that's airflow. Losi has developed their 5T body to get the best downforce on the huge chassis. That is also the reason why the cab is bigger and more in front than most other type of RC cars. More downforce in front means more pressure on the front wheels which results in better cornering.

Organizations are more and more using regulations. One of the main concerns is to drive the heavy Losi between smaller and much lighter 1/6th scale buggy's and we understand that completely. That's also the reason why we have spend so much energy in the Shortcourse version of our car. But for fun it is also great to convert the car into a real 1/5th scale buggy. We are using the Grafil Magma body and the N-R-P buggy conversion for this job. Very nice addition to our hobby / sport and the handling of the car is completely different.

2. Engine

One of the best upgrades in this car is it's engine. RN Tuning Modelsport has developed an engine especially for the Losi 5ive-T. What is so special about this engine? It is tuned for the highest torque and revs possible, it gives this car the power it needs because the Losi is massively heavy. The engine, the RN-GP305 GT has a 2mm longer stroker crankshaft to get more bottom power. Such longer crankshafts are not new but this engine has a special modified cylinder! Normally these 30.5cc engines are having lots of compression which makes it a disaster to start. This engine has a special modified cylinder which prevents this high compression. This is the best engine we have ever experienced in a Losi.

2.1 Clutch

It is really important to get all the power generated by the engine on the drivetrain. One of the critical parts is the clutch and with an highly tuned engine the standard Zenoah clutch isn't able to handle these amount of power. That's why you need a tuned clutch as well when you are upgrading the engine. At this moment the best available clutch is the Tourex Bigspeed. To avoid a slippery clutch Ralf has chosen a combination of carbon and aluminium shoes. Two alu and one carbon te be precise. This Tourex clutch has the ability to variable spring types so you can setup the clutch by your personal taste. In this Losi they have chosen springs of 2.1mm and set the clutch on level 3. Result, the clutch is effective while the engine is on 8200rpm.

2.2 Airfilter

One of the biggest concerns for off road drivers is dirt in the engine. You can prevent this by doing maintenance on a regular basis and check if the insulator hasn't come loose due to vibrations in the car. But with good maintenance you are unfortunately not insured from damage. To minimize the risk of damage a good airfilter system is crucial. We choose Twinair off road filters to protect our engines. These filters are also used in motorcross and all top drivers have mounted these filters on their engines. Do not forget to clean your filter with some dirt remover after a dirt run and put some new oil in it. More information: Twinair

3. Exhaust

To get the best power out of the RN-GP 305GT we have mounted the N-R-P CobraOne V2 exhaust. This exhaust is EFRA legal and developed to get the broadest powerband as possible. Especially designed for engines with a longer stroke this exhaust is our number 1 choice!

The exhaust is safely secured to the engine through the MIP Header Lock Kit from MIP. There are some many vibrations in a car and this part is able to keep the exhaust where it should be on very effective way.

4. Differentials

Differentials are determining the driving characteristics of a car. The Losi has 3 differentials and when your setup is correct you win some important seconds on the track. On our Facebook page we frequently share Setup sheets, the choices we made in differential oils is also included. So interested in these kind of information? Like our Facebook page! 

The standard differentials are made from plastic and are okay when you drive some thinner oil. But when you are really stressing the differentials with thicker oil there is a risk that they get melted. For this reason we drive the N-R-P aluminium differentials to minimize the risk of damage.

The center diff mount is from manufacturer Modified RC. We think that this is the best choice because it has some bigger ball bearings and are able to handle extreme power. It cost some $ but it is worth any penny.

5. Brakes

RC drivers that owns a Losi 5ive are already familiar with it's heaviness. It weights almost 40lbs and that makes it even more important to have stopping power. Almost every 5ive in the world is tuned and have much more power than standard. Also we have done some tuning in this car and it is really fast. That's one of the reasons we have chosen the RealBrakes from MIP. These brakes are just like they use in motorcycles, cars and bikes and given us the best stopping power as it should be. You can read all about these brakes here: MIP 1/5th scale Real Brakes are Ready to Rumble!

6. Electronics

With a 2-stroke petrol RC car it is really important to put in some electronics which you can trust. A 'drive away' has happend to a lot of drivers and that's the last thing you want to experience. To prevent this car from a run away we are using a KillerRC kill switch. This electric module is able to power off the engine when there is no electric signal from the transmitter or the battery is low. It is also possible to turn off the engine with a switch on your transmitter via the AUX channel. This is a life saver and every largescale driver must use this thing!

The servo's... Because the Losi is a heavy car all the servo's have some issues. Spektrum has some good servo's on it's way but not available now unfortunately. This Losi has a Savox 0235 on throttle / break but we are not a big fan of that kind of servo. But there are not much servo's on the market for this type of car so we have to deal with Savox. But we are very curious about the new Spektrum's!

For steering we are using the best of the best servo, the Hitec HS-1000SGT. This 110kg torque servo has everything you need for this car. It is powered by a 14,4 volts lipo battery and the power to the servo's is regulated by a KillerRC regulator. So the Savox gets 7,2 volt and the Hitec 14,4 volt. We are driving a lot with very hard conditions and burned so many Savox servo's on steering (also in a dual setup). The Hitec is the servo that takes control of your costly Losi!

7. Shocks

We like diversity and having some good options to optimize our car. We drive on different kind of tracks with each his own conditions. One of the setups that works for us to to use the big rear shocks also on front. With the standard shock tower this isn't possible and that's why N-R-P has developed a longer front shock tower. This gives the car a longer shock travel, which means that the wheels has more contact on a bumpy track with the ground. We have drive this setup on several tracks and it works perfectly!


And off course we are using the exclusive shocks from MIP. These BigBore shocks are really great and have a Bypass function which is able to handle very quick movements of the shocks. This is useful on landings after jumps or take care of the car when it has to go through some deep holes. You can read all about these shocks here: Building the new MIP Big Bore Bypass1™ Shocks

8. Wheels

Ralf is using different types of wheels. On flat dirt tracks he uses tires with some big blocks for a more aggressive driving style. With these tires he is able to drift around the corners and that's the funniest thing with a 4 wheel drive.

On bumpy tracks it is important to keep grip and let the car do exactly what the driver wants. Unpredictable behavior is the last thing when you have to keep on the driving line. For this reason we are using Proline Blockades with medium inserts. These tires fits perfectly around the standard Losi 5ive-T rims.

But there is also the possibility to mount the wheels of the Losi 5ive Mini WRC on this car and they performed very well. One other benefit of these wheel is that they looks very nice in combination with the body. These wheels can be used with the standard wheel hex but they can also be driven in combination with wheel extenders.

9. The rest

The rest is just a Losi 5ive-T. This car is almost perfect out of the box!


10. #33 Gallery

Your exhaust secured by MIP
Paint your body like a real Losi

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